Monday, July 18, 2011

I am not obsessed I am Incensed

I think if I hear "move on" one more time I will explode. There is a group think going on in which individuals believe that anyone boycotting or complaining about Florida vs Casey Anthony is obsessed or has no life. While I am sure that there are some that fit that description, not all do.

There is a frustration building with citizens at the growing number of child murders, neglect, and sickening habit of "burying the tragedy" and moving on. The cost of this behavior is that those individuals with various psychosis's in communities read this as willingness to "move on" and "forget" and disgard their children like trash.

Some have stated that Caylee's Law is just a knee jerk reaction and can serve no good purpose. I say have you read the details? Laws that are developed to protect children are not a waste of time and not as some think unneccesary. If Caylee's law had been in place, perhaps her family would have reported her missing sooner than 31 days. If they had, there would have been forensic evidence toward cause of death.

A recent case "Emma Leigh Barker" could be called a copy cat of the Caylee Anthony case. Am I going to say that Barkers mother knew about Caylee and copied the case, no but strange isnt it? The point is children are being murdered at an alarming rate. Am I angry, I going to "move on" , no..

So for those who choose to return to the sheep mentality living...more power to you. I personally will be shouting from the roof tops "STOP KILLING CHILDREN AND START PROTECTING THEM!!!!!"

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