Saturday, January 31, 2009

Games the Anthony's Play

This sickens me. They post this stuff and anyone who follows the case knows that Jose Baez is the reason the Anthony's do not have the body.
Caylees Myspace site post for Saturday:

January 31, 2009 - Saturday
Caylee Marie Public Memorial Information
Caylee Marie Public Memorial
Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 10a.m.First Baptist Church, OrlandoMore information to follow
*Date may change due to the fact the family still does not have Caylee's remains yet. This is a Tentative Date.
4:19 PM
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I will bet dollars to donuts they will make an annoucement that they are going to procede with the public memorial without the body. Cindy Anthony did not want a public memorial anyway, what better way to manipulate the siutation. She can always blame someone else for the lack of a proper public memorial and get her own way to boot. She also gets a hit in for Casey cause she is not going to be allowed to attend Caylees funeral either.

As far as George, I do not feel at all bad, sound harsh? Think about this, if the Psychiatist deems him unfit to testify at Casey's trial, what a plan aye? Makes sense to me considering when he was texting Law Enforcement that the sleeping pills were working and he was getting real sleepy, police walked into the hotel room to find him fine and alert texting away. I find the suicide attempt all part of the Anthony family game. Mark my words this suicide attempt will play into the trial for the defense.

Casey's recent court room appeareance, a game she is playing with Baez to laugh at the press and public. They see what they can do to manipulate the press and then laugh as they watch it play out. Just recall the comments that Casey made about her and Baez getting a good laugh at the press coverage tapes. Personally I find her actions in court similar to those of a spoiled child.

Casey: I don't want to go to court!
Casey: If I have to go I am not wearing that jail suit!
Casey in court: Don't I look smart in my suit, I could be Jose's assistant. If the suit don't fit you must aquit!

Like I have said Jose Baez and casey Anthony are making a mockery of the justice system with their games and idiotic motions in court. Asking for access to the crime scene after refusing it early in the process. Asking for special privilages like Casey is some grande Dutchess that deserves the red carpet regardless of the fact that she is a narcicistic baby killer. There I have said it, I think she did it! They are all involved in this cruel murder of an innocent baby. In my opinion, Jose Baez is just as bad for acting like an idiot when he knows the truth too. I realize everyone deserves a lawyer and a day in court but Baez does not need to act like a friggen moron and mock the system. He is the type of lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name.

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