Monday, December 22, 2008

I broke my silence

I vowed I would not join the thousands of speculators having their say concerning the Caylee Anthony case. I am just going to break that for a moment. I was just viewing Jesse Grund on NG. I can see that Baez and the Anthonys were hoping, from the beginning that they could pin this all on Grund. What sticks in my craw is that the selfishness and egotism that is attached to this family is so brazen. In one breath they (Lee first) ripping down memorials to Caylee. Then in an about face they say the toys taken from memorials will be donated to needy kids. This to calm the simmering crowds I am sure. Then the Anthony's rob the public of the chance to say goodbye by having a private funeral. They should at least let the public have some kind of memorial. Then after this denial of closure, they ask for donations for Caylees funeral. What happened to the trust money for Caylee and the other donations? Spent on their trips to News shows and imaginary Caylee sightings around the states I am sure.

Why do people find it so hard to believe that Casey could have killed Caylee. It has been done before as we know. It seems to be a new area of crime. The drugging of kids so parents can go out also seems to be the trend of Casey's group of friends, if we can believe anything Casey says.

I realize that there are people who believe that the Anthony's have every right to have a private service but hear me out. What about the thousands of searchers and helpers who aided in this case. Caylee has become Americas child. America needs closure too. Opinions?

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